Monday, April 15, 2013

Turtle Finish!

Hi Everyone!  I am still here and still sewing!  Check out my turtle!  Isn't he the cutest?  I picked up this pattern on my Hawaiian honeymoon. :)  Aren't I lucky that my husband would take me to FOUR quilt shops on our honeymoon? What a keeper!
Me!  At Quilt Passions!

The border fabric is especially, um special because it is only sold at Quilt Passions in Kailua -Kona Hawaii.  The pattern is made by Castilleja Cotton.  I purchased it at Kilauea Kreations in Volcano, Hawaii. 

Right now my turtle lives on my fridge - hence the magnets.  Finished size is 11.5" x 14".  I am going to put him in a shadow box eventually.  I also have a pattern for a whale and am planning on drafting my own manta ray pattern.  Eventually I would like to make a large Hawaiian scene half land/half ocean with all three animals, other sea life, a volcano and a waterfall. 

Question:  Do you think it would be strange to use the turtle border on all three mini quilts?
 Let me know in the comments!

This was a great pattern to learn applique, very quick and easy!  Also this is the first time I have beaded a quilt and my first scrappy binding!  Check out my Flikr page for more progress photos!

Here is the back while I was binding it:
 For the quilting, I did some stitch-in-the-ditch (and lived to tell about it) and some wavy line quilting.

Next up, I am making a Noodle Head 241 bag!  Abbey slept on me while I cut out the pieces.  Check out my friend Amys! We sort of talked each other into this patterned and she made hers super fast. I need to catch up!  I have been waiting for my Essex linen to be delivered and I am shopping for the rest of my supplies with Amy tonight!  I am still debating if I should make the center panel modern meadow patchwork or one piece of fabric (Joel Dewberry Dogwood in Navy.)  The patchwork is so tempting more challenging.

In other news, my Turning Twenty quilt is at the quilter!  I can't wait to get it back!  I am so excited to see her magic.  Check out her site, Top Stiches by Diana.  This is my first time paying someone else to do my quilting.  I am relieved not to be wrestling my queen-sized top in my machine but feeling strange not finishing my own quilt.  I will post pictures of the quilt once I have it back and have sewn on the binding.


  1. I so excited to see your Turning Twenty quilt when you get it back!
    Also, I was thinking some of my mom's shell magnets would be perfect for displaying your turtle at the moment. when you make your shadow box - is the whole scene going to be in one or many?
    Yay for 241 totes! I'm thinking of taking Will's advice and making another in other colors.

    1. Those magnets would be perfect haha! I am thinking 3 shadow boxes - mainly because then I can frame the turtle right away and make the others at my leisure! ;) I started 23 Echo Blocks today btw :)