Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Plan C Quilt

Good Morning!

I have cast aside my echo quilt for a new project!  (I like to work on two at a time, how about you?)

2 Moda Ruby Charm Packs  
Random white fabric I had on hand. Probably Kona.
Finished Size 32"x32"

For being such a tiny quilt I am surprised that its turning out to be my most challenging project yet.

My seam allowances are too big.  Just enough to really screw myself.  My flying geese are all about 1/8" too small so we'll see how this puppy lines up in the end.  When you're using the flying geese technique that produces 4 at a time its impossible to go back and make them bigger. I think I pretty much hate flying geese at this point.  (Note: I am using my 1/4" foot with fence and the seams are still too big)  I think after this project I will focus on practicing a perfect scant 1/4" seam before I loose my marbles.

My first attempt making flying geese.   They are all 1/8" short....not fixing them.  :p
The geese.  Moda Ruby

Finished my geese!
Flock o' Flying Geese blocks - Moda Ruby Plan C

Progress so far...
Ready to sew some rows!
Plan C Quilt Layout Moda Ruby

Yeah so I am really into instagram...I am a quilter not a photographer.  When we move this summer I promise you dear reader - yes, thats you Amy!  That will set up my new sewing space with better picture taking in mind.  :)

I seriously need to get this sewn up.  Its been on my dining table for two weeks now!  I am really surprised the kitties haven't destroyed the layout yet.

The cuteness factor overwhelms me.  I can't wait to get the pieced border on!  I really like that its stars and a lattice pattern.  Also I have a few scraps and charms left over to turn into hexagons!

Be jealous of Cali the cat, this will start at a wall hanging and will eventually become her going to the vet quilt.  What a lucky meowser! (Abby the cat has claimed my patchwork chevron.)

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  1. Really? Better pictures, just for me?? :) You make me laugh. I think I'm going to just stick with Instagram for a while yet. My poor blog needs all the posts it can get...

    Anyway, I think this will be super cute when you're finished and Cali is a lucky girl indeed.