Monday, May 13, 2013

Sip n' Sew at the Electric Needle

On Saturday I finally sewed my rows together on my Plan C quilt!  I went to the Sip n' Sew at the Electric Needle in Madison, WI.  Free coffee, lots of chatting and I learned a bunch too!

Here are my weekend progress photos! 

ROWS!  Plan C - Moda Ruby

Sewing my last row - Plan C Moda Ruby

Plan C Pattern - Moda Ruby - Need to work on borders next!

In the second photo, the shop owner Jen snuck over and put an extension table on my machine.  Which I LOVED!  I need one!  They are really slick so your fabric glides really nicely over it.  Plus I felt less strain on my wrists with more surface area for support.  The most important thing I learned though was I should be using single hole needle plate when piecing  This helps keep your fabric from being eaten by the hungry feed dogs!  I had no idea what they were for and the best part is, my machine came with one!  Yeah!

Next up - borders.  The pattern calls for a thin white border with cornerstones and a scrappy border with four patch cornerstones.  Can't wait to finish this top.  Its turning out so cute!

Any suggestions on how to quilt this?


  1. You should tell me next time you go to that...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I am working on my binding now. :)