Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Win!

During the course of my normal Facebook stalking I see a post from Sew Fresh Fabrics....

I'm thinking well, I need some essex linen for a bag anyway, I'll place an order.  Then just a few days later I see this on Facebook!  (Ps. I haven't started the bag....)

Omg, I am Wendy F.  Shortly after, I get and email with my promo code.   Check out the goodies I ordered!

Orchid in Stone from Cuzco and Barrels in Mustard from 2wenty Thr3e
The top print is for a quilt backing.  I have been wanting to start something in grey and yellow or grey, yellow, and blue.  I ordered enough backing fabric and Kona white for a Swoon Quilt but I am still not sure if that is what this be. I have the pattern and most of the fabrics from my Stack Stash Club Membership so....yeah it will probably grow up to be a Swoon.  Aren't those little mustard barrels so cute? 

Next up, organic fabrics.  They are so soft!  Truthfully, I almost wish they weren't organic cotton so they'd be cheaper.  Feel free to judge me all day over that statement. So these little foxes will make excellent hexagons no?  Gah!  They are so cute. This print is a little more green in person compared to this photo. 

Family Fox from Fox Hollow by Monaluna

Birch Fabrics from Storyboek I & II

The first print on the left has all sorts of little sea creatures including sea turtles and we all know I love me some sea turtles! :)

I have no clue what to do with these fabrics.  I have a half yard of each.  I have pinned a few ideas.  Maybe you'd liked to weigh in?
  • Stargazer Quilt Pattern - okay this is my favorite but am I really ready for this complicated of a pattern?  Nope.
  • Flag Day 
  • Clam Shell - I think this one might be "the one" since I would learn curved piecing and it might not be to stressful to line up.  I think I would mix in some solids to make it larger.
What do you think?  Do you have any other pattern suggestions?  I'd love to read your suggestions in the comments!  

Big thanks for Sew Fresh Fabrics for the giveaway!  I love my new fabrics! 

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