Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New York Beauty

Check out my new WIP!  New York Beauty!  I couldn't wait for it to be a finished pillow to show it off.  I totally love how this is turning out.  This is my first attempt at curves and paper piecing. 

Learned to pin, pin, pin on my second attempt at curves!  12 pins in this piece.

Rainbow New York Beauty!

Ta-da! Four New York Beauty blocks waiting to be turned into a pillow.
Making these blocks wasn't hard or very time consuming.  The easiest part was creating the spike arcs.  My biggest challenge was none of the blocks were remotely square when I finished them.  I ripped one out and redid it and then decided to just keep going.  I could have trimmed them more aggressively but I thought that might impact the look of the circle so I decided to push, pull and tug it into submission to get the arc as accurate as possible and to heck with the rest of it.  I am happy with the results.  I would definitely make this block again.

Most of these fabrics are from Stack Stash Club.  The center Moda Summersville Print is from Sew Fresh Fabrics.  The rest I think I picked up somewhere along the 2012 SW Wisconsin Shop Hop.

I am hoping to finish this up before our next Madison Modern Quilt Guild Meeting on Wednesday.

What do you do if your blocks aren't quite square?


  1. I saw this in the Pink Castle Flickr group--so lovely! You did a fantastic job with those tricky curves. And I am a major sucker for a spectrum project. I'm happy I found your blog and will keep an eye peeled for your finished pillow!

  2. I definitely fudge it when things don't quite line up!