Sunday, February 5, 2017


This week I have been working on Season 8 Project Quilting Challenge 3 and thankfully it also works for the Madison Modern Quilt Guild Pantone 2017 color of the year - Greenery challenge.

Here are the cliff notes of the rules I needed to follow
  • PQ8 challenge 3:
    • Inspired by texture - I was thinking of edamame fields :D
    • Piece must be made from inception to completion in ONE WEEK.
    • Link up for voting to win kick ass prizes!  
  • Mad Mod Quilt Guild Challenge
    • We were given one fat quarter of Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton in the color lime to coordinate with Pantone's 2017 color of the year and could make anything we wanted.
    • Due at the March meeting. 
  • My personal goals
    • Complete both challenges in one week
    • Use new-to-me Accuquilt 2.5" strip die
    • Monochromatic
    • Learn something new
    • Make something "modern art-y" for our walls
So maybe it's a three for instead of a two-for?  (That was a joke for you 30 Rock fans)

This was my inspiration - Edamame!  I love edamame and I was looking for texture and GREEN which is hard to find in the wild of Wisconsin in the wintertime so I had to find it in the wilds of the interwebs Trish. :D

Photo shared with permission by the United Soybean Board. 

The challenge was announced on Sunday, January 29 and I had the top done that day.  After a couple cocktails I thought, wouldn't it be cool to run the top through my Accuquilt again and make something totally unexpected?  No.  No it wouldn't.  This idea now lives in the trash. It basically turned into a really ineffective bargello quilt which was not the "modern art-y" look I wanted.  So, I remade the top that night with my scraps.  It finished at 21" x 24" but still a good size for a wall quilt. 

It had no heart nor texture!  Texture being the whole point of this weeks PQ8 challenge! It looked like a child's interpretation of modern art instead of actual art.  I really wanted to make something like S. D. Evans and instead it looked like I gave up on life. Okay maybe that is a little dramatic but it was looking pretty lame. I hoped quilting would save it as it usually does.  I started quilting straight lines across and it looked better but I still didn't love it.  It gave me the look I wanted for something to hang in my house but I didn't learn much, there was no texture and I wasn't very proud of it.  

THEN, I decided to make it useful which also gave it texture.  I used the whole thing as a practice piece/sample of my favorite decorative stitches my sewing machine offers.  I never played with them before.  THAT was fun.  It looks less modern art-y and a bit more country crafty but I love it soooo much more now.  If I can't learn something new with the project it's pretty pointless for me. 

Here are the pictures!  You'll find bugs, turtles, loops, waves, squiggles and some others.  Now I have to quick publish this so I am entered into the PQ8 challenge!

Now it's time to vote for your favorite TOP TEN quilts of this week's PQ8 challenge.  Please vote based on merit.  There are a lot of super cool quilts to choose from!